Friday, March 27, 2015

FISKAFRIENDS 2015 Blog Hop - The Power of Community

Fiskafriends 2015 Blog Hop –The Power of Community. 

The Blog Hop is over.  Thanks to all who participated. The winners of the Blog Hop will be announced on this blog and will have 72 hours to respond from the time they are announced. 

This blog hop is a celebration of the Fiskafriends group's First Anniversary. 

The theme of the hop is Anything Goes, so be prepared for a variety of creative projects and ideas!

The hop begins on Friday, March 27th at 6 PM PDT. (Pacific Daylight Time) and will end on March 29th at 11:59 PM PDT. 

All are welcome to visit and comment.  International visitors included!

We have sponsor prizes and some of our bloggers are also offering their own individual giveaways as well.  You will see the prizes on the posts as you hop.  Some of the individual blogger giveaway prizes are available for domestic visitors only.  All but one of the sponsored giveaway prizes are available for both domestic and international visitors.  The sponsor prizes will be listed near the bottom of this post. 

There are a few rules you must follow if you want to be eligible for the sponsor giveaway prizes, so please read the whole post before you start hopping.  (It's BEST to do Step 1 first!)

For the Sponsor Giveaway:

1. Visit the three Sponsor Prize Preview posts and leave a supportive and relevant comment.  If you have already commented on them earlier this week. You do not need to comment again. Your comment already counts, but you DO need to leave a comment on this post and tell me that you commented on all three!  Please do not comment anonymously.  Use the Name/URL option instead.  You don't need to use your real name and you can leave the URL blank,  but make sure you have used the same name throughout this hop.

Here is the Sponsor List:

Day One - Flying Unicorn

Day Two- Eileen Hull

Day Three- Sparkle N Sprinkle

Come back to this post and tell me that you have commented on all three posts AND tell me which country you live in.

2.  Visit the bloggers on the list and leave a supportive, relevant comment on their Fiskafriends Blog Hop posts. You DO NOT have to comment on all of them, but the MORE blogs you comment on, the greater your chances of winning. 

Here is the Fiskafriends Blogger list:   

Jean Bullock, #8889,

Susan Slomski, #6150, 

Cindy deRosier, #4113,

Tifany DeGough, #5942, 

Cheryl Waters, #002,

Jean Marmo, #7358,

Teresa Godines #6857

Michelle O'Driscoll #7586

Nancy Carroll  #11488

Maya Oren-Dahan #351

Amy Martin Jones #8546

Karen Poirier-Brode #2858

Tanya Napier #5407

Pamela Haskin #8040

Stasia Sloma #9314

Tracy Moloney #6773

Kim Chenez #5612

That's all you have to do.  And you have over two days to do it in. 

For the Blogger Individual Giveaways:
Just follow the directions on their blogs.  The individual giveaways are independent of this hop.  The bloggers who are having giveaways will announce their winners on their own blogs. 

Here is the list of the Sponsor Prizes.

From Flying Unicorn's April Your Passion, Your Art Release:

1. The Main Kit
2. The Mixed Art Add On Kit
3. The Mixed Passion Add On Kit
4. The Small Art Add On Kit

From Eileen Hull: (US Mailing Addresses only)

5. Cookie Jar Bigz Die

From Sparkle N Sprinkle:

6. Choice of digital stamps/digital stamp sets up to $20 value.

From Fiskafairy:

7. $25 gift certificate - winner's choice - to any online vendor that permits gift codes to be purchased and transmitted online. 

From Fiskafairy Snowflake:

8. A box filled with new crafting goodies. 
Fiskars Leave It To Weaver border punch Fiskars XLarge Puzzled squeeze punch Fiskars Teresa Collins Girly Posh stamp set Making Memories Alpha stickers WeRMemoryKeepers Peep stickers WeRMemoryKeepers Pumpkin Patch & Spooky House clear stamps Bazzill Snowflake chipboard tags Dress It Up Heart buttons Snickerdoodle Ribbons Flower pins, twine, coffeeshop ribbon, colored index cards and more....

How the Sponsor Winners Are Determined:

I estimate the winner selection process to take approximately 3 weeks. 
At the end of the hop, the bloggers will choose a name by random draw from the comments on their blog hop post and submit the name to the contest administrator.  Each name counts as an entry. The administrator will check to see if the winners have followed the Sponsor comment rule and are eligible.

From the eligible names, the administrator will draw 8 names in numerical order. The 8 winners will be posted on the Fiskafriends blog and will have 72 hours (PDT) from the time of posting to respond to the announcement according to the directions given on the post. 

If a winner does not respond by the deadline, all the names below that person on the numerical list will be moved up and a new name will be drawn and added to the end of the list. 

The winners will get to choose the prize they want.  The first on the list chooses first, the second chooses from the remaining prizes and so on.  The winners must respond to the administrator by the deadlines set or forfeit so as not to delay the awarding of prizes to the other winners.

All decisions made by the administrator of the giveaway contest are final. 

The names of the winners will be given to the sponsors.  The winners must abide by the sponsors' policies regarding the prizes.  

©2015, Jean Bullock


  1. Woo hoo let the hopping begin.. I commented on all sponsor blogs.. I am from Canada :)

  2. I commented on all of the sponsor posts. USA

  3. I commented at all three sponsors AND at all our wonderful blog hostesses! Thanks again for setting this up, I got some great ideas and my creative juices are flowing!

  4. I commented on the 3 sponsor blogs. I'm in the USA.

  5. USA, wonderful prizes for the hop and so happy you organized this. Looking forward to visiting all the other blogs this weekend.

  6. USA I've commented on all three.

  7. I've commented on each sponsors' blog! Fantastic companies! I'm from the good ole US of A! Have a great weekend :)

  8. I commented on all of the sponsor posts. Im from Canada,but i also have a USA address..

  9. what a fabulous hop, from the comfort of my home here in the USA I've commented on all 3 fabulous sponsors, seen some amazing products that are now on my list to acquire. thanks for organizing everything Jean!

  10. I am ready to start hopping! Got my cuppa coffee so here I go..... :)

  11. Posted on all 3. USA Now to hop!

  12. I commented on all three posts! I am from the USA! Off to hop!

  13. Hi Jean! I posted on all 3 and live right here in the good ole USA! Thanks for putting this celebration of Fiskafriends together. You are loved and appreciated!

  14. WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Just finished the hop and am blown away! What an awesome hop you have put together Jean! I am now following all the designer's blogs so I can see what they create! Thanks for putting this awesome hop together and I am hoping that I might see my name as one of the lucky winners! All of the prizes are so amazing! Thank you for all the hard work you have done to pull this all together!

  15. I think I have commented on all 3. USA

  16. I just went through the hop - at least I hope I left comments everywhere. I must admit, most of the text was pretty small ! Guess I better get my eyes checked again. I also had some issues with commenting - using my name/google name etc. I tried ! LOL

    Thanks for putting all of this together and all the gals blogging.

  17. I posted on all three, also enjoy all of the blog hop. Usa

  18. Amazing inspiration! Thanks to everyone for a wonderful hop!!

  19. I visited all the sponsor pages and their Facebook pages. I found new friends to like! Way cool! I'm in the good old US of A!

  20. So many generous sponsors. Commented on all the three sponsor post. I am in USA. Thanks for the wonderful hop.

  21. Thanks for the chance looks like a A+ roundup. I live in USA! Fingers crossed love the prizes! THnak you so so much for the chance and the inspiration from such talented folks.

  22. FABULOUS Blog Hop - THANK YOU for co-ordinating this Jean!!!

    I'm feeling INSPIRED from all the Designer Blogs & the projects they shared - THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to be part of this exciting event!!!

    THANK YOU to ALL the generous sponsors too - such generous prizes!!!

    1. PS - I have already commented on the sponsor posts and left them all a big THANK YOU :)

    2. oops - I forgot to say that I'm an Aussie :)

  23. Fabulous blog hop! Just finished it! Loved all of the different projects! Such inspiration!!

  24. I've commented and am from the United States. This is a wonderful blog hop and I'm enjoying all the creativity! I also posted as RassleBerryRose on some blogs as they didin't give me an option for name/url.

  25. What a great idea letting winners pick their own prizes! I've won things in the past that I can't use (dies for machines I don't own, for example). Thanks to all the generous sponsors for supporting our Hop.

    1. Thanks Cindy. That has happened to me too. Will take a little extra work but I would like our supporters to be happy campers.

  26. Hopped through! Great work girls! Jean thanks again for all your hard work!

  27. I have hopped and rehopped because I didn't want to miss any of the projects they're so wonderful and I wanted to make sure I read everyone's blog because it was just like being with old friends again. Nancy I couldn't leave a comment on your blog but I wanted you to know that I really like your projects too.
    All three sponsors are fantastic and so generous with their prizes it will be fun to visit their sites.

    I think I will go hop again!

  28. How fun. I left comments for the sponsors and all wonderfully creative Fisk a friends sharing their pieces with us. Thanks for the fun and inspiration.

  29. Jean, thank so much for organizing, managing and arranging this fantastic hop! I just finished but am going back for another round of crafty inspiration and to admire the creativity of my FiskaFriends and the sponsors! Job well done to all!

  30. I am ready to Hop! Thanks again to our sponsors, Jean, the Fiskafriends and all our new friends we meet along the Blog Hop way.

  31. What a great hop! Just finished going to ALL the blogs. Now I remember why I love my FiskaFriends - great talent and inspiration! I forgot to tell you that I stopped by on day 1,2 & 3 of each of the lovely sponsors blogs and commented also. Thanks again to everyone who had something do to with getting this hop done for FiskaFriends 1st Anniversary. I am from the USA.

  32. I commented on all three sponsors sites. Off to hop now.

  33. Fun hop! Thanks so much for coordinating! Thanks to all three of the fabulous sponsors!!

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  35. Very cool Jean, you amaze me. Commented on all three and going to hop now!! Thanks a ton.

    1. US here, great hop just got done, tons of talent, Thank you.

  36. Susan Allen #2072March 29, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    Stopped by all the sponsors and blogs and left a comment on each one! What a great variety of projects and prizes! Good job ladies!

  37. Starting to hop now...commented on the 3 previews already...i'm from the USA. Thanks for all the time and work you put in!

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    Posted on all 3 Sponsors!!!
    THANKS for the Chance to WIN!!!
    From USA!!!

  39. Great hop and love the creative blogs. Everyone did a wonderful job! Thanks! (Don't count me for sponsored prizes)

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